Joy Kraynak came to be a practitioner of hypnosis originally through HypnoBirthing.  In the summer of 2012 she attended HypnoBirthing training and became quickly obsessed with both the method and the philosophy of HypnoBirthing.  In the summer of 2017 she attended NATH hypnosis training so that she could attain the certification necessary to reach her goal of HypnoBirthing faculty.  Originally Joy did not plan to offer hypnosis outside of her birth work but through her training and practice she eventually changed her mind when she realized how simple yet effective it was to help people with hypnosis.

When you work with Joy she will take inventory of your learning style,  brain dominance, and specific goals to custom tailor a hypnotic session that is perfect for you.

Because her practice is heavily influenced by HypnoBirthing, Joy will often suggest ways incorporate visualization and affirmations into your progress,

If you have any questions she would be delighted to talk with you.  Please complete the contact form and include your phone number if you would like a phone consultation,