Why hypnosis?

Hypnosis can be effective for countless purposes.  Joy Kraynak is currently offering hypnosis to enhance goal outcomes. Potential goals would include:

  • athletic performance
  • reducing PMS symptoms
  • confidence building
  • smoking cessation
  • letting go of any fears or feelings that are in your highest interest to release
  • job performance
  • attracting desires (quality partner, abundance, opportunities)
  • adjusting eating habits
  • cultivating a positive mindset or expectation for birth or any upcoming event
  • maintaining the household or work environment in a preferred way
  • sticking to a schedule or plan
  • improve skills – such as speed reading
  • healing after divorce or other trauma **needs to be accompanied by traditional psychotherapy not provided**
  • connect with your spirit guides or your highest self
  • releasing anxiety and managing stress
  • remembering things (names, important events, to water your plants)
  • overcoming addiction **needs to be accompanied by traditional psychotherapy not provided**
  • improving focus
  • eliminating insomnia
  • discover your calling – find your soul purpose

There is much more. If you have a change that you would like to make Joy can help!